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The Microsoft - Apple's Wealthy Life

The really good bad relationship between this two rival companies The  Apple and Microsoft began it's wealth in the late 1970s, during the daya of the PC century. This very hot issued periods are really credited by this two Amazing leadera which are now adored by people in our Generation: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Today, Apple and Microsoft are different companies, with new leaders who don't lug along the baggage that comes as a result of nearly 40 years of fierce competition.This events happen in the history describes the difficulty of the two leaders and theor companies in developing the technology. Its shows us their experiences which are really hard to believed because of the results which are now shown to usIn the history of the two companies, Its not really all about competion, wealthiness , my ideas is better but illegal doings. Yes, thats right doings which includes Stealing of ideas . Copying of a certain idea which is uncredited by the source. That is one of the problem in this era, the competition became leveled up which make a relationship to be broke just because of wealth.Despite of the failures , the issues , the Illegal doings. The two company really did prove and undergo the development of technology from Macintosh to Apple and Windows, which really brought a BIG SUCCESS FOR THE TWO RIVALS.-This blog is used for educational purposes only. The content of the blog is not copyrighted by others.

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